Magdelayna - Moments Of Energy 074

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Jul 27, 2007
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Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Adam Rodziewicz

Genres: Ambient / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ & Producer


01 Black Pearl - Bounty Island (DJ Shah's San Antonio Harbour Mix) [A State Of Trance]
02 Angel Ace - 776 Miles [Levare]
03 Essonita & K.I.R.A. - Tonight (Magdelayna Vocal Mix) [D.MAX Deep]
04 Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Original Mix) [Inspired]
05 Sash! feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (Touchstone Remix) [CD-R]
06 Airborne Angel - Aviate (Airbourne Angel's Brake Force Mix) [Levare]
07 Allen & Envy vs Chris Cockerill - Acidic (Original Mix) [Digitized]
08 Juno Reactor - Pistolero (Astrix Remix) [HOMmega]

Magdelayna - Moments Of Energy 074 on AH.FM 01-10-2013.mp3

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I'll try to be here mate :smile:
Amazing Start with classic tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's going on? I think don't understand the situation right now :unsure:
894 Listeners _ 2013-10-01 Tuesday | Magdelayna - Moments Of Energy 074

Youve probably heard this already hehe..

Let's guess :

Roger Shah
Roger Shah
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Raja Raheem Yar-Khan Shah

Aliases: Airforce One, Audion Project, The, Balearic Session, DJ Shah, DJ Tekkie, Endless Blue (2), Epos, High Noon At Salinas, L.J. Miguel, Magic Island, Magic Wave, Paralyser, Pasha, San Antonio Harbour, Savannah (7), SMP (2), Sunlounger, Triballa

In Groups: 3 Years - 3 days, Black Pearl (4), Bonito & Riccardo, Chris & Shah, Coastline (2), Dance United, E-Connection, El Cortez, F.O.G., The, Global Experience, Growlers, The, Marshah, Mellomaniacs, Nisha (2), North Dakota, Pasha Bros., Purple Mood, S2 (2), Samara (3), Shadi-Men, Shah Ltd., Sonic Ocean, Source, The (3), Terra V., Transit (3)

Genres: Ambient / Balearic / Progrsv House / Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer. Founded the label Shah-Music with his brother Patrick Shah, aka Pedro Del Mar. Born in Pakistan as Raja Raheem Yar-Khan Shah.

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

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wft lol...i wondered what was happening there - had a mention on Twitter!

glad its sorted..
[sigh] Well I could have done something about the same situation on Saturday with Fady & Mina, Paul Cogito and Haig & Raffi but didn't because of, stepping out for breakfast after Above the Clouds that day.

This is the disadvantage of the disappearance of Next 5 Last 5, which still needs a bit longer before being brought back in a new banner. :mask:
One of the best Balearic trance tunes ever made :bow: :love: :bow:
886 Listeners _ 2013-10-01 Tuesday | Magdelayna - Moments Of Energy 074

Magdelayna - Moments Of Energy 074 :::

01 Black Pearl - Bounty Island (DJ Shah's San Antonio Harbour Mix) [ASOT]

:good2: :mml: :beer2:

Armada Music
Armada Music
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Armada Music is the main label of (parent) label Armada Music B.V.

Sublabels: 68 Recordings, A State Of Trance, Armada Digital, Armada Various, Armind, Aropa Records, AVA Recordings, Bandung, Bits And Pieces, Captivating Sounds, Club Elite, Coldharbour Recordings, Cyber Records, Different Pieces, Electronic Elements, Energetic Sounds, Fame Recordings, FSOE Recordings, Gangsta Audio, Magic Island Records, Mainstage Music, Morrison Recordings, Organized Nature, Pilot6 Recordings, Planet Love Records, Plus 39 S.N.C., Re*Brand, S107 Recordings, Soundpiercing, State Recordings, Stoney Boy Music, Vandit Records, Zouk Recordings

Contact Info:
Armada Music BV
P.O. Box 75247
1070 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-(0)20-408.08.46
Fax: +31-(0)20-617.22.49

Profile: Armada Music is an independent Dutch company founded in June 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron & David Lewis

The name "Armada" was formed by utilizing the first two letters in each of the founding members names:

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