Magdelayna 'Past Classics' Mix


Moments of Energy
Apr 3, 2007
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Hi guys,this is a 'past classic' mix i did, tracks which have been close to my heart over the years and some truly underrated tunes,hopefully some of them will bring back great memories for you,ive included thoughts & descriptions of each track..

MOMENTS OF ENERGY 010 ::::: Past Classic Special

01 Chicane - Red Skies [Yeti] (1998)

The beautiful pads & strings in this Chicane track acts as a great intro to the mix,its definatly one of his best & most underrated tracks imo. Nick Bracegirdle's stuff has a knack of taking you somewhere else,and this is no exception.

02 Active Sight - Take The Day As It Comes [Captivating] (2004)

This track takes you on a real journey,i think its one of the most underrated trancers of the past few years. Starting off subtle & proggy,it builds and builds into one of the most uplifting & euphoric melodies of recent times. I hope including it on this mix will introduce people to it who havnt it before.

03 Kansai - Rococco [Platipus] (2003)

Im a big fan of Tony Rapacioli,and this is one of his best tracks under his trancier 'Kansai' alias. Ive always thought the main melody was quite unique and fresh sounding,and it just keeps building with that spacey vibe. Great Track.

04 Solid Sessions - Janiero (Armin van Buuren Remix) [Positiva] (2002)

This is one of my ultimate summer trance tracks,the vocals & melodies take me right there on the beach in the sun,definatly one of Armin's finest remixes.

05 M.I.K.E. - Sunrise at Palamos [Bonzai] (2000)

One of the all time great club trance tracks,put this on in a club and its guaranteed to send people nuts. One of M.I.K.E.'s finest moments i feel,the perfect blend of progressive groove & melody.

06 Active Sight - The Search For Freedom [Captivating] (2004)

Well this was the flip to 'Take the day as it comes',so you can see i hold this Active Sight release in high regard,this is a more full on trancer,with a great epic main melody which is exactly my taste & style,as a producer aswell.

07 Marc Aurel - Running (Dumonde Remix) [Trigger] (2002)

I was a huge Dumonde fan back in the day,and this was one of their many great remixes,and again another quite underrated track - they always managed to get great melodies and energy in thier stuff,and merged it with a harder edge.

08 William Orbit - Ravel's Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2000)

To me,this is Ferry's greatest remix,even topping the legendary Adagio remix. I dont see it mentioned much,but i had to have this as the encore to my mix,a really emotional track finishing off with a hands in the air melody..Ferry did a great job on this.

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Adam :)