Magdelayna pres. 'Moments of Energy 012' (Full Download)


Moments of Energy
Apr 3, 2007
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Hi guys,here is the full download of last night's show - this month im celebrating the near release of my new single 'Back to the Stars',so i gave it a debut airing this episode. :super:

The past classic this month is an amazing remix from Transa from way back when...theres also couple of remixes from myself which are seeing releases very soon,along with some vocal tracks which really put you in the summer mood - any feedback/comments appreciated :)

Moments of Energy 012 ::::

01 Magdelayna vs. RMG - Back to the Stars (Magdelayna's Chilldown Intro) [Greenspot Music]
02 Jerry Ropero - Storm (Inpetto Remix) [Positiva]
03 Airbase - Denial [Songbird]
04 Carl B - Chasing Leaves [ASOT]
05 Aerium & Krivi - Forever Playing (Magdelayna Remix) [Realmusic]
06 Gouryella - Tenshi (Transa Remix) [Tsunami] *Past Classic*
07 Magdelayna vs. RMG - Back to the Stars [Greenspot Music]
08 Scirocco - Scirocco (Alex Morph Remix) [Fenology]
09 Defcon Audio - Trailblazer (Magdelayna Remix) [Defcon One]
10 Sassot - Empty (Aly & Fila Remix) [Deepblue]

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Adam :music: