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Jun 15, 2011
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Mark Sherry, excellent DJ and producer who is associated mainly with heavy sounds sweeping mainly on techno and trance. Exclusively for Afterhours.FM!


Philip : Hello Mark , at the pre- 'd like to thank for taking the time for me. How are you going , and after the holidays? :)

I’m very well thanks, it’s been a great summer and I’ve also been VERY busy in my new Outburst studio!

Philip : Could you tell us how has your history with playing and producing music at the beginning of your career?

Well it all started back in 1992 i suppose when i was first introduced to clubbing/raving in some local nightclubs in Scotland where i live. I very quickly fell in love with the exciting electronic music of the rave scene back then, it was all new and very innovative/fresh back then. I started getting into DJ’ing around the same time but years before that i had learned to play the keyboard from a very early age, i think i was about 6-7 years old. My mum and dad bought me a keyboard for one of my birthdays and i used to sit and watch TV with the headphones on playing along to TV theme tunes haha. My DJ’ing and keyboard skills eventually combined over the following years whilst working with several different bands and playing lots of Scottish clubs etc. My solo work kicked off around 2004 and i used this success as a catapult to help me start developing my ‘Outburst’ sound.

Philip : The first is your genre of music that you listen to before you became a DJ?

I suppose you could call it rave and acid house…bands like The Prodigy, N-Joi, Dream Frequency, Shades of Rhythm, Hardfloor and a lot of the Dutch and Italian hardcore/house like Ramirez, Dyewitness etc etc

Philip : Why Tech Trance? :)

Mauro Picotto and Marco V were pioneers of this sound around 98-00 and I fell in love wioth it’s energy, it’s combination of techno and was a fresh sound and it affected me as a DJ and producer. It has changed and morphed over the years but I still play a LOT of this techy style! ;)

Philip : I read your biography that you enjoy spending time in the studio. Do you prefer to work on his own productions solo or with others producers together?

I prefer working myself to be honest, I can get a lot more ‘in the zone’ when I am in the studio. I can also take my time and really try and perfect a track/remix..but of course it is very important to work with other people as well, you will always learn more tricks and techniques by working with people, this is very important!


Philip : How do you remember Ultrasonic Outdoor Festival, which took place in June?

It was a great gig thanks, I played the last set of the night after names like Orjan Nilsen, Daniel Kandi and Claudia Cazacu…so as the sun came up the tunes were still pounding! I love playing in Eastern Europe, really great responsive crowds!

Philip : Is there a person or persons , so that helped a lot ... you owe it to some degree and career?

There are several names that i worked with at the very start of my solo career, like my bro David Forbes and other big names like Matt Darey, Nick Sentiece and BK. They all asked me down to their studios in England to work with them for a few days, so that was an incredible experience..I learned LOADS from them! I have been heavily influenced by names like Mauro Picotto and Marco V (as I have already mentioned) but also Sander van Doorn is in his amazing techy days .

Philip : When we had the opportunity to hear and see you in Poland?

I cant say anything yet…but ill be back very soon.. :)

Philip : What is the most achievement this year according to your assessment could be proud of?

Playing at ASOT650 in NL this year was an unreal experience! After me playing for Trance Energy in 2008/2009 & 2010 this was definitely up there as one of the highlights of my career!0 I closed the ‘Turn the World Into a Dancefloor’ arena and it was an amazing gig for me! It was packed and it was FULL of trance an tech lovers from all around the world, was a very emotional night..i loved it! :smile:


Philip: Plans for the nearest future?

I have just released my remix of Indecent Noise & Eddie Bitar ‘Poltergeist’ on Mental Asylum Records.. and I’m also about to release my Acidburst & Outburst remixes of Scot Project ‘U’ on Perfecto Fluoro on 04/11/13. I’m currently in the studio remixing for Aly & Fila and also one other BIG trance name, so these remixes will be finished soon. On the gig front over the next few weeks you can find me at ‘Lashed’ in the Netherlands, ‘Trance Army’ in Dublin, ‘Dreamland’ in Mexico, ‘Circus’ in Montreal and another big event in the US that I can’t announce yet… and Poland of course… :)

Philip: A few words for your fans and station Afterhours.FM?

A huge thanks to everyone to that listens in to my Outburst Radioshow every week, it’s very much appreciated! I really enjoy reading ALL of your tweets!! Thanks a lot!

Philip : Thanks for taking the time to hear the show! :)

Cheers Philip!!

Mark :)

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