Mark Sherry - Outburst Radioshow 448 on AH.FM 15-01-2016

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Mark Sherry


01. Coming Soon & Bryan Kearney - Anti Social Media (Original Mix) [Spin Twist]
02. The Noble Six - Meteora (Original Mix) [Subculture]
03. Arctic Moon - Data Ghost (Original Mix) [FSOE]
04. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat Solar Kid - Anjuna (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Damaged]
05. Sean Tyas - Da Doo Da Dah (John Askew Remix) [Subculture]
06. Lostly - Dance With The Devil (Original Mix) [Outburst]
07. Johan Gielen & Peetu S - Festivo (Peetu S Mix) [Outburst]
08. Andy Moor - Resurrection (Indecent Noise Remix) [AVA]
09. Alan Morris - Born (Original Mix) [Monster Pure]
10. **Outburst Cut** Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) [Iboga]
**The Techburst Selection**
11. Royal Wolf - Do You Feel It (HP Source Remix) [Yin Yang]
12. MicRoCheep & Mollo - Carbit (Original Mix) [Funk N Deep]
13. Joseph Mara - NARK (Original Mix) [Techburst]
14. Armored Heart - Unstable Love (Original Mix) [Techburst]
15. Gene Karz, Urig & Dice - Fluids (Original Mix) [Eclipse]

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Edit Thread Title: √ done by me
Outburst Radioshow episode #448 airs tonight at 10pm GMT (11pm CET) on Afterhours.FM...and we now only have 2 weeks to go until the big episode #450!!

Here is what you can hear on tonight's latest episode:

*new trance, tech-trance and psy from Coming Soon & Bryan Kearney, The Noble Six, Arctic Moon, Liquid Soul (official), Jordan Suckley, Sean Tyas, John Askew, Lostly, Peetu S, Johan Gielen Fanpage, Andy Moor, Indecent Noise, Alan Morris, Vini Vici, HILIGHT TRIBE & more..

*new techno in this week's 'Techburst Selection' from Royal Wolf, HP SOURCE, MicRoCheep & Mollo, Gene Karz, Urig & Dice and you can hear first polays of the new singles from Joseph Mara and Armored Heart that are forthcoming on the 'Rogue Frequency' EP's on Techburst Records at the end of the month..

Get tuned in tonight and have a great weekend guys!!



:dancing: :rave:

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