Markus Schulz feat departure- cause you know (nic chagall remix)


Jun 27, 2007
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ONE OF THE BEST TUNES AMAAAAAAAAAZING VOCALS :choonalert::choonalert::choonalert:
very awful tune!!!! most awful tune i heard last year along with anything from deadmau5 and cosmic gate.
I liked it, but the Mike EFEX remix is best...

Daydream is much better anyways

Most awful tunes I've heard recently is this shit from Paul Miller that everyone's going wild about even though there's absolutely nothing unique about it
I started out really not liking this track. But after a couple more listens to it, it grew on me and its actually a pretty good track. :music::music:

I give it a 6/10 :grinning:
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You call 6/10 pretty good?

6/10 - 60/100 - F grade

so if you got an F in a class you would say thats "pretty good"

lawl ;-)
i liked it. was one of my fav from last year. departure is also one of the best album for me.
Nic Chagall should stay with Dj Bossi as Cosmic Gate, better off together than single.