Markus Schulz presents GDJB with Tim Clark guestmix on AH.FM 18-01-2024

How are you today, mates? 🤔 :hmmm: I don't know yet since I woke up like an hour ago :mask: Breakfast time here and then Duolingo :book:
Depeche Mode - Speak to Me

Speak to me, I will follow
I heard you call my name
Lying on the bathroom floor
No one here to blame
There's a message I know can be found
I'm listening, I hear you, your sound
Speak to me in a language
That I can understand
Tell me that you're listening
Give me some kind of plan
Give me something, you'd be my drug of choice
You lead me, I follow, your voice
I will disappoint you
I will let you down
I need to know you're here with me
Turn it all around
I'd be grateful, I'd follow you around
I'm listening, I'm here now, I'm found