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Jul 11, 2006
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Threw this together at the weekend, been thinking for a while now that I must've had enough mashup's by now to do a full mix's worth! Always used to dislike them but they've grown on me a bit, and to be fair, the quality of them has grown as well! Lots of talent taken straight from this very forum in fact :ah:

Leama vs Madonna - Frozen Waterdrop (MDB's Forgotten vocals mix)
Andy Duguid featuring Leah vs Gui Boratto - Wasted Life (Config intro mashup)
Brian Eno vs John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were An Ending (Magdelayna Mashup)
Armin van Buuren vs Lange - If You Should Go Songless (Victoria's secret mash-up)
Nelly Furtado vs Degrees Of Motion - Say What U Want Right Now (XiJaro mashup)
Gabriel Batz & Nick Pilon vs Mark Norman & Jes - One Moments Moon Circling (Rob G Digital mashup)
Markus Schulz vs Cressida - Perfect At 6am (JACS mashup)
Coldplay vs Sander van Doorn - Pura Violeta (XiJaro bootleg)
Luminary vs Markus Schulz - Wasting Time (Brian Martinelli mashup)
The Thrillseekers vs Kamaya Painters - The Last Soft Light (Victoria's mashup)
Arnej & Maor Levi vs Alex Bartlett & Duende - People Touch The Sun (XiJaro mashup)
Clear View featuring Jessica vs Super8 & Tab - Tell Me Suru (Victoria's mashup)
Mike Shiver & Elevation vs Nick Thompson - Hurricane Spice (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Hawk featuring Sasja vs Mark Arbor - Emerald Worlds (Vexilium mashup)
Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes - Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus vs XiJaro BFTD100 mash-up)
Luminary - Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab vs Smith & Pledger remix - Luke Blanc mash-up)
Kal Del Noi vs Terry Ferminal - Andromeda Walk Away (Rob G Digital mashup)
DT8 vs Anguilla Project - Sands of World (DJ XaeR0 mash up)
Shadowrider vs A&F Project - Blue Uraeus (Vexilium mashup)
Albert Keyn & Paul Miller vs Sun Decade & Kyau & Albert - Save You (Tranzmaniac's mashup)
The Faithless Green Martian - Industry Insomnia (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)

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Lazarus - Mashup mix
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Enjoy! :) Incidentally, if you're not a fan of vocals I'd steer well clear :lol:
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Wow man downloading this right now. Feedback later
Nice one geeza, was going to do similar but you beat me to it now.

Loving all the mash ups available on this here site.
Thanx X3 :)
Thanks a lot for supporting my mashups :) And thanks for sharing this mix!

downloading :) thanks for the support :)

My pleasure folks, keep up the great work! :) :grinning: :bow:

Nice one geeza, was going to do similar but you beat me to it now.

Loving all the mash ups available on this here site.
You may as well go for it mate, I totally nicked this idea off Vicky anyway from one of her shows a few weeks back :lol:
Just finished listening to your set and it was awesome, nice vocals to begin with and getting quite energetic toward the end.

And of course great mixing as usual! :super:

There is one dig I would make though and that's track 5,

Nelly Furtado = fantastic + foxy
Do You Want It Right Now = fantastic house track

but together, it's a different story. Over mash imo.

Edit: And oh yeah, almost forgot, best track imo was

Luminary vs Markus Schulz - Wasting Time (Brian Martinelli mashup)

excellently done :) :choon:
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Finished listening to this Mashup set. And all i can say it was great to hare so many mashups in one set. Great ide from you Lazarus and a great set. I'm weiting for Vol.2 :)
Oh Damn, I can see my mashup in the tracklist as well, I am gonna go for this set, will give feedbacks after listening \o/ :d
congrats for this awesome trip into mashups :grinning:

hey mate thx for add my mashup... for me is very important that djs from another countries support me

my country is growing up and this is brillant :hug: