May Mix - Electro-cution


Jun 7, 2006
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This is mainly new releases for May in the Electro/Progressive House arena with the exception of like 1 or 2 tracks. Hope you enjoy, and please comment rather you like it or not as feedback is a DJ's bestfriend. Im currently waiting for my new speakers to come in as the ones I'm using kind of suck, not to mention alot of echo in my room I do my mixing in.

Eric Prydes - Armed
Chris Nemmo, Andree Eskay - Affection
Ronny Van D - Ping Pong (Saeed Younan Remix)
Roman Puskin - Fat Bottom Girls (Main Mix)
DJ Rooster / Sammy Peralta - Lets Fuk (Workidz Over Fuked Mix)
Super8 - Need to feel (Wippinberg Mix)
Dan Daniel w/ Yvan - Enjoy the Silence (Club Mix)
Mighty Dub Cats - Magic Carpet Ride 07 (Young Punx Mix)
Oliver Giacomotto - Gail in the O (John Aquaviva Damon Kay Remix)
Joe Vannelli - Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure Remix Island Style)
The Factory - Couldnt Love you More (Fedde Le Grande)
Chicken Lips - Hes Not In (Vandalism Club Mix)
Franky Rizardo - Funky Noise