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Mar 25, 2010
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After leaving fans begging for more, one of Infrasonic's brightest stars makes his much awaited return. Meridian is back with a bang and delivers yet another blistering double header with the mighty 'Exit E.P'.

We start with 'Exit' and in true Meridian style, grabs your attention from the off. The deep sub rumble and cool percussion ease you in, where at the break it's a huge fanfare which encapsulates a divine array of epic synths and chords to create that perfect riff.

Not afraid to step left of centre, Meridian showcases yet another fine slice of electronic music in the form of 'If Not Then What'. With a moody, yet cool bass note and vibe, coupled with its plucky notes and exquisite and emotive drop, Meridian has it all wrapped up once again.

Radio/Dj Support:

Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E, Manuel Le Saux, Aaron Camz, Adam Nickey, Andre Visor, Andrea Mezza, Anguilla Project, Anhken , Arcana, Basil'O Glue, Beat Service, Benya, Dan Stone, Daniel Skyver, Danilo Ercole, Davey Asprey, Dimension, Dj Ange, Dj Feel, Dj Sabu, EDU, Falcon, Ferry Tayle, Haris C, Hiddenagenda, Karanda, Liquid Vision, Mike Danis, Mike Shiver, Nuera, Ost & Meyer, Paul Trainer, Rafi Osmo , Rene Ablaze, Santerna, Simon Bostock, Six Senses, Steven Anderson (Same), Store & Forward, Suzy Solar, Tangle & Mateusz, Temple One, Xgenic plus many many more..........



01. Meridian - Exit

02. Meridian - If Not Then What


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