Miikka Leinonen - Dreamfields [Fraction]


Nov 19, 2006
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Release Date : 26.04.2011

Miikka Leinonen returns to Fraction with the absolutely gigantic new track 'Dreamfields'. After last years successes with Mirabel, Exordium and Galiana all firmly locked in the playlists of the A-listers and with glowing reviews including DJ Magazine's fabled 'Moneyshot Award', this latest slice of peak time uplifting trance once again packs plenty of punch for the big rooms!

The Original Mix is another fantastic display of energy and vibe. Rolling basslines and pulsing drum rhythms drive the track beautifully, while droplets of delicate vocal and powerful synth lines climb from section to section guiding the steadily building atmosphere into the breakdown. Melancholic chords and strong sub tones blend perfectly into the soaring lead lines until exploding back into action for the massive drop!

Jonas Hornblad is on hand for the remix with a real groove filled work out! Heavy kick drums and basslines underpin the track superbly against the percussion and top lines into the breakdown, before dropping with an absolutely huge hands in the air buzzing lead synth and chorus section - essential!

Genuine peak time material once again from Miikka!

01. Dreamfields (Original Mix)
02. Dreamfields (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

Samples here
Original mix is a fawking bomb!