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Mike Emvee - Tokyo Dusk (Original Mix) & Unit 31 Remix

Mike Emvee

Jun 17, 2008
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Hey fellas!!!

Just givin' all you guys on update of some things I've been up to in terms of production.

I have just recently finished a new Original, that is planned to be released within the 'That Little Something' EP scheduled for release in January of 2009, Mike Emvee - Tokyo Dusk (Original Mix).

Also future dated for release is my new remix, Urban Lea - Unit 31 (Mike Emvee Remix)

You can check proper clips for both these tunes @ http://www.mike-emvee.com

Cheers guys and gals!!
talk soon

Thanks for spreading the music man.. so many great moments listening to "That Little Something".... and it's not even out yet! Great choice to end the show.. can't wait to hear the others :)