Mike Noir Present Wave Of Sound [09-06-2006]

L.E.F. \o/
Mike you now what i think about your playing
Very good mixing. Congratulations you are the best dj I know that.

Greetings :D bye
My God, Carl B's remix of Divine is CHOON!

\o/ \o/ \o/
Awesome sets so far man, and Phynn's set was awesome! Now for you Mike Noir, I'm loving the vibe - the whole selection of tracks are awesome but I'm hearing some beat slips when you're transitioning, although, everything else is unreal. You're mixing is very smooth but I think you should still work on your beatmixing.

So far so good, I'm lovin' it! :D
Definately an awesome selection of songs. Good job! ^____^
thx for those warm word:D, i know i have to work with my beatmatching but im mixing only about 5 - 6 months now so im still learning and btw its PC mixing :p
thx for tuning in :Di hope it wasnt so bad :p hehehe i will do my best to do this show even better :D and thx for support :D
you peaked it 32 listeners... so far your in the lead of peaked listeners

wonder who will beat that
Playlist looks amazing but it would be better if you turned up the pitch a bit durning faster tunes. I see you need to work on your beat matching because some of it was off. Other than that great mix. Thanks.