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Mirabilis records

Aug 23, 2009
Reaction score

***OUT NOW***




Mirabilis is up to its fourth release which comes courtesy of Tom Collingburn & Peter Kipling better known as Autophase!
The duo is known for their big room sound which gained support from djs like King Unique, Elite Force, Laidback Luke, Sharam, ATFC, Eddie Halliwell to name but a few.
With recent eps & remixes for labels like Global Underground, Curfew, Digiprana, Whos Haus & of course the mighty remix they did for our very first release, they continue to build a

strong name here in clubland.
Here they serve us with three big room bangers:
"Baby Gravy" is all about the big and hooky bassline which drives the whole track and the crisp and heavy beats.
"Ass" comes with a more dirty sound, a nice little bleepy melody, a break down theat actually just builds and builds to a mad effect on the crowd!
"Tits" is the heavier of the three - with its techno bassline and sharp bits, mad glitches and crazy breakdowns is a musthave for the second half of your openair & festival season!
Grab your fave or all of them and play them loud, very LOUD for maximal effect!

Autophase are also now online: Autophase - visit them for FREE TRACKS & MIXES & updates on their work!


ROLAND KLINKENBERG: Hope all's well...thanks for the link.I like both Gravy and Ass :). You'll sure get some nice reaction quotes with titles as these he he...

KING UNIQUE: baby gravy for me - minimal donk meets bleepcore techno!

MARKUS SCHULZ: Baby gravy!!!! Thanx, 3/5

EDDY GOOD: will test the baby gravy, ass and tits too monotone for me. Thanks 4/5

ERIC ENTRENA: Will try this "ass".. and.. I'll probably try this "tits" too.. ;-P 3/5

DAVE SEAMAN: tits is good...3/5

DAVE SPOON: Downloading, 3/5

RILEY & DURANT: Ass is weird but interesting.. will give it some road tests over the nex few weeks! 3/5

CHRIS CARGO: loving tits o how i love those tits 4/5

M.O.D.E.: Great release guys - Baby Gravy & Ass are huge on our floors. 5/5

ALDRIN: Big phat dirty filthy! 4/5

GEORGE DELKOS: baby gravy here for some of the night hours! 3/5

OMID 16B: tits is the one for me ... 4/5

CID INC (Mashtronic, Bedrock): Ass & Tits are pretty cool. 3/5

MINIMINDS (Fling, 8sideddice): baby gravy is my fav track of the 3, we will be supporting!! 4/5

HANS TAVERA (Afterhours radio show): Baby Gravy! works perfect for me! Excellent Bass! Tits is massive track! Super Techno! Thank you!!!! All the best my dear friends! 4/5

ZIGMUND SLEAZAK: deffo full support from me on this!!!

BEN (Tiesto's a&r): Baby Gravy - 5/5

MISS NINE (Yoshitoshi, 925 digital): Baby Gravy - 3/5

KOSMAS EPSILON: Nice melodies in Ass, enjoyed it :) 3/5

WESLEY S (Mark Knight's radio show): NICE PACKAGE, 4/5

HERNAN RODRIGUEZ: Solid release guys,will defo play Baby Gravy and Ass,thanks for sending, 4/5

DIBBY DOUGHERTY: a little too much for me, i think. 1/5

ALEKSIJ (Ambasada Gavioli, Toolroom, Stereo): Very powerfull bits!Will play out all of them! 4/5

MATT BLACK: Like the techy groove of Baby gravy, Ass is a bit hard for my sets and Tits has a solid groove. 4/5

MATT SAMUELS: Thanx but not for me, 3/5

GABI NEWMAN: Underground power track - Baby Gravy. 3/5

TOM MORGAN: Not really my thing, 2/5

MIKE HIRATZKA: All 3 tracks are very solid and we-produced, with driving grooves and psychedelic, tough synth work. These should work well for peak hour sets, will try them out

this weekend in Mexico! 4/5

NEIL MOORE: Will play defo! Love Tits! 4/5

JUHA NIKUMAA: Ass was the best on in this package. Will try out this weekend. 4/5

AGA HELLER: Nice! Something for my club sets. Not really for my radio show... ;-) 4/5

STEVE HAINES (Baroque, Hed Kandi, Mirabilis): Nice tracks, Baby Gravy is the one for me, will support! 4/5

DAVE SEAMAN: tits is good...3/5

DANNY GRAHAM: These tracks are good but not quite there for me this time. 3/5

MARCO G: Niceeeeeeee Prodcutions Baby Gravy & Ass are my stars !!! 4/5

FRED NUMF: Baby Gravy - Superb, great bass line 4/5JOE FISHER: Interesting ep. Shows quality sound and good sense of melodies and groove. Ass is my pick. Thanx! 4/5

STEVE MAC: Sorry not for me, 1/5

TIM ANDRESEN: Baby Gravy is the best of these, 3/5

JD TURBINE (Digiprana Sounds): Baby Gravy - solid tech house beat and groove, that percussion is right on point as well, will wind up the dance floor for sure. Ass - interesting
title, some pretty dark techno, I like the synth lead that starts building up about a 1/3 into the song. Tits - how can you not like Tits? This is a cool build-up track, I
like how it starts peaking out towards the last half of the track after grooving along nicely for a bit.

***FOR INFO & LICENSING PLEASE CONTACT US @ info@mirabilisrecords.com***