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Mirabilis records

Aug 23, 2009
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*** O U T N O W ***



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The third release on Mirabilis is all about the big room sound with a double A-side e.p. from Steve Haines. This man is quickly becoming a hot name on the scene thanks to his releases on labels like Baroque, Hed Knadi & Stoneyboy.
The first proposed track is "Transfer", a warm and dynamic techy affair that is built around a strong groove, a throbbing bassline and an absolutely catchy chord line that drives the whole track & makes you move. A track that is equally useful in any situation - to truly start shaking things off in the prime time or for the late night show as well!
"Loaded" is the second offer from Steve. It’s just as powerful as Transfer but slightly more evil with darker elements and a more techno feel to it. The breakdown has a mad effect on the floor - just wait to test this monster out on a big sound system & watch the crowd explode!

Proper BIG room sound!
Check out the whole pack - it's worth it & pick up your favourite mix!


DAVE SPOON (BBC radio 1, Toolroom, Televizion): Like this alot thanks - loaded is the one ! 4/5

PAUL THOMAS (Toolroom, GU, Godskitchen): It rocks! Played it at GK and it went down a storm. More of this kinda stuff please Mr Haines!

PETER GELDERBLOM: great tracks.. will try these out! 4/5

ANDY DURANT (Riley & Durant, Galaxy FM): Nice - will give Transfer a roadtest at Privilege ibiza on monday, 4/5

FILTHY RICH aka SPEKTRE (Mission, Control Freq, M.o.S.): Nice melodies in Transfer and Loaded is a peak time techy monster. Will download to road test! 3/5

JOHNATAN ULYSSES (Space Ibiza): loaded is best for me! 3/5

M.O.D.E. (Bedrock, GU, Renaissance): Love both tracks. Full support guys. Thanks for sending. 5/5

STEVE PARRY (Juice Fm): transfer sounds big, 3/5

ERIC ENTRENA (Pacha): Loaded is a Monster track! LOVE IT! 4/5

OLIVER MOLDAN: transfer i like most, 3/5

CID INC (Mashtronic, Bedrock): Transfer is really wicked.. Will support! 4/5

MIKE HIRATZKA: Nice driving grooves, solid production. Quality peak hour tunes, will support! 4/5


WESLEY S (Toolroom, Mark Knight's radio show): WE LIKEEEEEEEE!!!! 4/5

NEIL MOORE (Heaven's gate BFBS radio): i'm liking this will play transfer! 4/5

EDDY GOOD (Kiss Fm, DJFM): Transfer is areat track, really like the flow of it. Will be in the radioshow! 4/5

DANNY GRAHAM (Tokio recs, Proton): These are wicked, 4/5

CHRIS CARGO: transfer rocks for me:) 4/5

GABI NEWMAN: kool groove :) 3/5

YVES EAUX: I like Transfer best, excellent warm summer tune. 4/5

MISS NINE: Transfer works for me, 4/5

GEORGE DELKOS: i like loaded will try it out thanx. 3/5

MATT SAMUELS: nice tracks X. 3/5

TIM ANDRESEN: Good work from Steve! 4/5

BEN (Primetime management, Tiesto A&R): 5/5!

PRESSLABOYS (Viva, Presslab): Loaded is a Great Tool on Long Dj Set. 3/5

DIMITRI DE WITT (Tiesto's manager): 4/5

AGA HELLER (Supraton, Radio Sunshine live): Nice club tracks, will give them a try. A little to techy for my radio show. 3/5

GOLD RYAN (C2, Big Love, Kiss FM): Good Peak Time Tracks. Transfer is my fav...but not 100% my cup of tea! thanks! 3/5

STU HIRST (Viva, GU, CR2): thanks, cool release, Transfer has a wicked little synth line in it. 3/5

SAM BALL (I-fi, Saved): Not for me on this occasion dudes - sorry, 2/5

DJ PAULETTE: Loaded is the one here - probably too hard for most places i play but it motors along. will roadtest. 3/5

ALEKSIJ (Toolroom, C2, Ambasada Gavioli): Hard to choose which tune is best!Great release! 5/5

TOM MORGAN: Transfer is the stronger of the two here, sounds alright. 3/5

MARCO G (LMR, Audiotherapy, Relic): Big Tracks Love Loaded !!! nice production, 4/5

ANIL CHAWLA: Nice tracks, but not something I'd play. 2/5

LOGIZTIK SOUNDS (Frisky, Emfire, MakTub): Nice ep here, have my support, especially transfer! 4/5

LEIGH MORGAN: not my kind of music, sorry. 1/5

AUTOPHASE (Curfew, GU): Top release. Will support both tracks. Cheers guys.

DIBBY DOUGHERTY (Dyami, Yello club): can see 'Transfer' going down well in my later sets, proper main room track with a great hook! 4/5

NICK HOOK: Top stuff - 2 very chunky grooves - love it! 4/5

RENE AMESZ: not for me, 2/5

ALDRIN (Zouk, One With Music): Transfer is perfect for my sets! 5/5

NILS NOA: not for me. :) 2/5

MATT BLACK: Both are very good but Transfer just shades it for me! 4/5

All seems that this one is going to be huge!
So do not hesitate & get you copy now!!!!

Forthcoming releases include label bosses Alex & Filip, Tom Budden, No Brainer, Ran Shani, Liz Cirelli, Inkfish, Chloe Harris, Autophase and many more!
Also subscirbe to our newsletter on our myspace to get free mixes, booties & many more!


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