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Much obliged


Sep 10, 2006
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I've been listening to AH for a couple of weeks now down in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It really helps me get through these 12 hour shifts, particularly when I'm working nights, so thanks. Not only is this one of the best internet radio stations I've seen, but it beats the hell out of the two stations that we have here on the island - and you can guess about how much trance or techno they play.
First off :welcome: to the forums mate... second Thank you for kind words.. I really appreciate the fact you like the station and enjoy the music :) Im also glad the radio reaches even cuba :)

Thank You again and help us spread the word about afterhours :p
Wow, I'm really glad to hear that you love the radio. You made my day! We're all the way down in Cuba now! :D