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Jul 27, 2006
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Hey ppl ...

I was wondering about the following a lot .. especially after toking :p
When listening to electronical music, not talking about a specific kind - only excluding that Thunderdome s.. tuff, drum 'n bass - primarily including Trance, Vocal Trance, Goa, Psy - pretty much most of the stuff that can be heard on ..
It came to my mind, that the emotional satisfaction is the reason I listen to this kind of music ... it's like feelings that are, and that are not, expressable in words get satisfied and become realized as I let myself go and float into the music.
It creates images and situations in my head, one's I won't forget for days ... the music sometimes already seems like an escape from this world full of sickness and crap... It initiates me to shape my own and new, helpful pictures, imaginations, phantasies and so on...

Now other types of music, let's say black, punk, alternative stuff ... are mostly producing songs to praise the $$$, or the XXX, or a certain political view .. or whatever. They always talk like a book in their songs... which is not a bad thing, but it's annoying, since every idiot feels him/herself called to express what's on their minds..
That kind of music .. let me know if I am wrong .. cannot be relaxing, at least not up to the extend it is feelable with electronical music. Since some situation or circumstance is always given by a text a singer puts in his song; not only the title of the song, but the whole attitude of yourself is prefixed on this topic and therefore limited. You can't fully just let thoughts come to your head - let them float - have them go away - feel out of time... feel renewed from the inside ..

I am not saying I only listen to music without lyrics, and as I was saying above, I am including Vocal Trance as well into this subject .. but on those songs, texts are more .. hm .. they are slighter .. they grind deeper into me..

So .. the reputation of electronical music being for stupids and all that .. I can't see those person's point .. "if you say something, it must be better than your silence would have been" is really to be associated with this .. and so why not quit blaming the gov, talking about big asses and whores they fucked in their hummer truck - let all this stuff they've said a million times behind, leave all the "why's" out of thinking .. and just look underneath the silence for getting a satisfaction stimulated from the inside .. and not by outside man-made-materialistic-society-standards ...

is that making sense to someone?

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I have to agree with you on EDM, but I'm sure the other music styles you mentioned are relaxing to a lot of people too, even though we might not understand why. There are lots and lots of different minds on this planet, which is why there are so many different types of music :)
:welcome: to the forums slight :)

I agree with you aswell, tell you the truth i enjoy all types of EDM ...
yep me too .. always depends on the mood ... still, I get most out of this music because it's not expressing an opinion ... :) and one needs times to let the mind go ...

have a nice evening ... if it's evening in your place... ;)