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Apr 27, 2018
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I've just finished my track and I'd like to share it with you guys.

This is the first track I ever made so please give me some feedback and tell me where and how i can improve it.

I link you soundcloud :

Let me know your thoughts
Take this as constructive criticism and not like anything else. I am giving you my opinion, I am in no way should be regarded as an absolute professional, but I do have some experience in making tracks and some sound engineering experience, including years of DJ-ing experience. So take these as tips you can use for the future as well.

- The track has a very short intro, you need to drag it out a bit, at least 30 seconds for a track of 3 minutes, also do not forget about the 8 16 and 32 beat rules
- After the intro sadly the track keeps loosing structure, meaning it is not broken up into stages, a track is supposed to be a journey, not just a few sounds meshed up together, you need to have an intro, a first stage, breakdown, buildup, high point, and another breakdown or second stage and then outro, your track lacks the structure that holds these elements. You do have some, but very chaotic.
- Between stages, you should have a transition, a sound, reverse hihat, crash etc.
- The track is very one sided, meaning the sounds do not really change that much, try to use different sounds for each stage, with one stage linking to the other.
- About the sounds, you need to use filters and effects on the sounds, otherwise the track sounds dry and forced, try some reverb and echo on a few sounds, also you could use sidechain compression, it you are using it, it needs work.
- Keep it simple, do not change the beat of the sound too much by trying to make it not boring, this means hihats and the clap, also the way you might want to structure your beat is have your hihats between the kick or on it and the clap every 4 kicks for example.

I have a couple of tracks posted myself on soundcloud, maybe you can listen to them and see what I mean, by the above, you can find them on
Again, I am not considering myself better than you in any way, making music is not wrong, there is no such thing as bad ideas, however there are some things you can do to improve your track and your future projects.

I hope this helped.

Never stop the music :music:
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