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8 vind-ik-leuks

links for pictures from first post are dead, ok old pics, here are some new ↓

public share it should be visible for everyone, even who don't have facebook :) :good:

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:book: well visible without (having / logged in at) FB ~ Cool pictures, C!C@ ! :captain:
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all the pictures are dead.

Facebook shitty policy with changing hyperlinks..

http://www.[COLOR="#40E0D0"]kepfeltoltes[/COLOR].[COLOR="#00FF00"]hu[/COLOR]/ (ori pictures) :book:

the URL's above put by C!C@ [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]do[/COLOR] work though :good: ( still ) :icecream: :ee:
a nice milestone has been reached here
so i thought i will post it to my thread
this is post number 100 000 :super::megacrazy:

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