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My website is in progress...


Chillaxing DJ
Resident DJ
Jun 23, 2006
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Hello everyone !

Since i'm working on my website atm and just got my domain confirmed i would like you all to have a look and tell me what i need to add or leave out.. Do you like the first impression?

I'll change the layout a bit more soon, as far as i can think, the basics of the website are pretty much already there

Please let me know what you think, all suggestions are welcome

my website: CONFIG DJ Website

needs more pink :mask:

rainbow theme looks ok, maybe add in some kinda graphic designs / artwork to compliment the text
Hi! nice site, but with the Opera and Internet Explorer 7 browsers the pages "discography" and "contact" move left & right because there aren't the scrollbars... try put
the "OVERFLOW-y: scroll;" in the CSS or in the body style tag
something like this
<body style="OVERFLOW-y: scroll;">

in this way, the site looks much better and professional, anyway nice work :)
if it matters those are few changes i would make

"The way trancetracks could move him and touch his snares was something he really enjoyed. Great euphoric feelings that caused so many emotions; it were great times to listen to Trance. Therefor, it wasn't a surprise his first dj sets were mostly tranceminded.

However, in 2006 Config was getting a little fed up by the sound in the world of trance.. " <---- remove one period

trancetracks...2 words rather than one

it were great times....i would change with "those were great times"

enjoyed. Great...i would use a coma between those rather than starting a new sentence

overall nice looking page, simple, clean and easy to read
It's a little bland, needs some images and stuff.

Also maybe spiff it up with some shades in the background.

I agree; working on it :) For now i added some pictures on the bio page. More images to be added soon. Also I'm trying to find a solution to make both left and right sides of the website a little less empty :)
It's not too bad, though black background is a bit boring imo; also makes some colors jumpy. The lines at the top takes too much attention away from the rest since the background is black. I would maybe try and tone that down or give it more space and maybe add some more to it. Also more graphic would do good :)