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May 6, 2006
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Ok - someone explain to me why MySpace is so good, and why I should create an account?

Personally - I've never been fond of the idea of an online profile where I write a blog etc. Having a diary on the internet is just too emo for my liking "Dear Diary, mood: apathetic. Blah blah blah...ohh internet're my best friend."

I associate MySpace with suicidal attention seeking emo's.

Talking to a friend of mine last night - she says that I should get a MySpace profile, and start networking with other DJ's and Producers in my area. Plus I can then start networking globally through's myspace site.

This all sounds good - but I just can't get past the fact that having an online "prozac diary" is going to make me feel all queer and full of teenage angst.

I guess - I don't wanna turn into one of these:

So - someone give me the 411 on MySpace. What is the general concensus out there? Why should I get one? Is it worth it? Will it help me network? Would you guys add me as your "ZOMG - online friends"? Like..I don't wanna open a MySpace account and then have no friends. That's just sad. "Look at best friend is the internet and this web server." LAME!

I have real friends...maybe I can state that on my account. "I'm just doing this because someone said its good. To meet me IRL - come to Brisbane and we can swap photos, diary notes etc".

So what's the Myspace deal? Ghey or YAY?
I think that myspace might be over rated, but it does give some kind of promo to you and other people on your myspace friends list.

I think its mainly for promotion or people that dont have the ability to have their own site and they want something so they could show to their friends + easy to use.

those are my 2 cents on this topic :)

ps.. create one
get used to the "an unexpected error has occurred" message though!
Promotion as Dan mentioned because it is a very famous site.
I was about to delete my account @myspace just this morning. for various reasons might be just me tho,being tired of it.
Anyway sure for promotions will work fine

magik get used to the "an unexpected error has occurred" message though!
Today 12:18 AM

agree totally...:biggrin:
I agree with Dan. Just because too many dj's and trance lovers have a myspace, I created one too :P
hello!! its only me or only a few and same people used to post a lot??... :P

anyway... i dont like myspace too :P around 5 friends tell me sign up in myspace and have u profile and i tell them.. i dont want i think is useless hummm!!:p

so onae day i sign up!! ant star to created my own myspace... so ive stared to saw some useful things like promotion or networking...... and thats why im studying marketing and start to used some called viral marketing... so i think myspace is a powrfull tool to do viral marketing campaigns of products, musics, communities, artist, anything can be liked for someone :P

sorry my aweful english.. but i have a longest time without practicing......!!!!
etherk is so right on the nose. As a global DJ I have like 5 different profiles on different profile sites like the DJ List, World DJ, etc, and the one I really only promote is myspace. The reason why, it's an excellent way to promote yourself as a DJ, and get connected with the artists/labels. I've spoken with several artists through myspace, including Jennifer Rene, Mark Otten, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Karen Overton, Elsa Hill etc.

Myspace gives you excellent access to the artists themselves. Not only does this create a great link to you as a DJ to them, but also allows you to keep in the loop on what's going on with them, new releases etc. Artists seem to handle their own spaces, not their promotions or label reps. On top of that, myspace is a great place to create traffic on your own profile, to promote virtually anything you want to, and to attract attention to your shows.

Don't use your "blog" to post what you had to eat lastnight, or what time you got up to take a poop in the morning. Use it to promote your playlists and downloads of your shows, up coming events here at afterhours, and any gigs you may have.

Just make sure that when you start making your profile, that you keep it simple. I see a lot of profiles that just overload you with crap, like 500 pics, 20 vids, animated backgrounds, which can take a long time to load up even on high speed internet. K.I.S.S. Keep It Short and Sweet.

A growing alternative to myspace is (a lot safer and more secure then myspace, but not a substitute).

myspace is a simple way for people to make a website who dont have a clue how to use notepad...