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Aug 5, 2006
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Ok...been planning for so long to buy me 2 cdjs and a mixer..
always planned to get pioneer cdj1000mk3 and a pioneer mixer..
But its so f*****g expensive..and dont have the cash to afford so much..not even on down payment..because they have it split over 11months so..getting to expensive..
But been looking at this mixer..


and 2 of these to go with it...

you guys think thats a decent package..its my first so..been doing software mixing and have this Hercules dj console..
Let me know what you think asap..;)
Ok going to check out the links..but i must say that the mixer is really cheap
sasha is good at this stuff, maybe he can help you.
id recommend staying away from they have great pries but there customer service is ass.. just do some research on them, youll find im not the only one who feels this way.. id recommend
Equipment eh?

Thanks dan, but i think i can answer this one...

This is a very interesting question that is being asked quite often, what to get....

first before buying anything, ask yourself, how serious are you about learning to DJ on the gear you get. If Djing is something you have been doing for a while now and you see yourself doing it down the road, than in my opinion you should get good professional gear. but as always, something pro is going to have a pro sticker attached to it.

you also mentioned that the gear you want is way too expensive for you, i understand that. mk3s are the new stuff, but to tell you the truth they are not much better than mk2s, whos price has dropped a bit since mk3s have been released. By the way they are great, but still quite expensive. you also said you wanted to get a pioneer mixer - those are expensive, true - yet they are probably the most vital part of your setup in your DJ platform and should not be overlooked.

So you are looking at DJX700 - not my choice for a mixer, but hey, not the worst choice. People have been complaining that auto BPM is not accurate on those, but it is not one of the parameters i would look at. The fader life on these things are terrific, but the sound is aweful, so if this is just for you home like i assume, than it would be sufficient. This is not the best mixer by any means but for bedroom Djing i think it is fine.

as far as your choice for CD decks, i cant comment on them, i have never seen them in action, but anything by pioneer i would seriously consider.

Overall you should look at different paremeters when picking out gear:

1. Budget - the biggest one i think, otherwise all people would have setups like mine :p
2. Seriousness - How long to do plan to spin for? are you really into it? i personally buy everything for life, i dont see myself 10 years from now not doing what i love, i will always spin, even if its just for me.
3. Resale value - some stuff will break your bank, but you can sell it back for most of what you paid for it. Tech12s are a perfect example. you can buy them for 400 now and sell them in 5 years for 300. something to think about....
4. What kind of music you spin - if you are into trance, i dont really think 4 channels are nessesary, but if you are into minimal, house, techno - 4 channels are esential in my opinion.

My honest suggestion for you - take it or leave it:

get the Behringer mixer, its cheap and you can always upgrade later. to save money, buy it on ebay, i got every single piece of my gear there and not a single piece was DOA or damaged. but be smart and only buy from sellers with good ratings.

check this link out:

as for CD decks, im not sure - if you really want cd decks then go for it. may i suggest on the other hand to get 2 used tech12s and Serato Scratch live. You will learn really quickly on them the proper mixing techniques and Serato Scratch Live blows my mind with its interface. You can see what you are doing right or wrong right on the monitor.



In the end it is all up to you = you can always get CD decks later after you learn on techs, maybe you will love them so much you will just incorporate them in your setup. The bottom line is you cant loose with these, you can sell them for the same price a year from now. Also after you lean how to use these, mixing on CDJs will be a snap.

so hope this helps you some, i hope i did not just confuse you more! :p

Sasha Pidann
Thanks alot for the help sasha..going to look more into the links you gave me and checkthem out..
And i sure want my equipment to be usefull for lots of years..not planning on just playing around at home.
But thats another story ;)

About the be honest havent ben thinking so long..know that lots of people use Serato scratch live/final scratch..or some other programs..the debate about wich ones is the best seem to be endless =)
But it works that way that you can spin mp3 files and stuff on the tt´s with some timecoded pieces right?
Maybe thats the right way to get started, really "feel" the tunes.
Basic mixing.

I just wanted to go with the cdjs because nowadays almost everything is digital..easy to burn a mp3 cd or an ordinary audio cd and spin the tunes..
But im going to look more at the tt´s..
As you said..can always incorporate them with the other equipment later on.
Once again thanks alot fort he help..going to check out some stuff..both new and used .
Hehe sure thing...ive decided to go with Serato Live and a couple of TT´s
You changed my mind there :)
So now im saving up some money, going to get he Serato brand new.
And also founf a numark kit with tt´s and a mixer.
But im definitely going for cdjs too. actually been looking into one of these double cds, rack mountable.
They are so cheap so gonna get one of those too, just to play around with.

Here´t the tt pack ive been looking at
think its pretty decent stuff, direct drive.

I think you made the right decision my friend, Serato Scratch Live IMO is far superior to Final Scratch. One you start using it you will see how amaizing it is.

Have a good one, and if you have any more questions please dont hesitate to ask!


sasha pidann
Thanks alot Sasha...i´ll let you know, probably going to need some more advice.
if you dont mind... about the numarks... i know that they are a lot cheaper but if you want to play several years (not only once a month for fun) i would really sugest the 1210 (new or second hand if properly used) because there's really no turntable that lasts for more than 4 years IMO... only technics... i played on several turntables before i finally bought the 1210... and thats not only my opinion... have that in mind...

Ok..gonna have that in mind when im going for the tt´s.
Actually i got hold of exactly the equipment as in my first post.
2 pioneer cdjs and a behringer mixer, good price and only 1 month old =)
Pretty excited now. =)

i would be happy to answer any questions you might have, unfortunately i am not no MSN that much (Just as dan) LOL,

why dont you email me at and i will be happy to answer all your questions!


sasha pidann
Got my equipment today, 2 Pioneer 200´s and the Behringer Vmx300
Brand new and shiny =)
So atm i busy burning some tunes.
So now its just to start saving cash for the tt´s and Serato.
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