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Need some help from the community / TOP 3 tracks


Jan 10, 2010
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I've made a break from vocal trance since 2007 but I'm back.
I already got some great tunes by searching here & there. But I'm sure I can get other great tracks from the community.

I was wondering if you could put here your TOP 3 vocal trance tracks!

It really doesn't matter if it's your current, yesterday or two years ago listening track!

Thanks for your help.
Above & Beyond - Home (Club Mix)
OceanLab - I Am What I Am (Lange Remix)
Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Club Mix)

There are lots of others though, I would highly recommend the OceanLab Sirens of The Sea Remixed album.
I have two of them and have heard "I am what I am" but didn't wrote it down. Now just got it in my playlist. If you have other tracks you're welcome!

Thank you Victoria! :bravo:
From the top of my head.

Danilo Ercole Ft Marcie - Broken Wings

DT8 Project
Ft Andrea Britton - Winter (Max Graham Remix)
Ferry Corsten Ft. Betsie Larkin - Made Of Love
Check them, you will find something for you in this list

Richard Durand feat. Simon Binkenborn - Always The Sun (Roger Shah Remix)
Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)
Paul Webster feat. Amanda - Time (Sean Tyas Vocal Mix)
Thank you guys, I'll keep this with versions that fits me best:
Ferry Corsten Ft. Betsie Larkin - Made Of Love
Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun
Paul Webster Feat Amanda - Time

My playlist is about 20 entries for now, I'll post it soon.

Thanks again and keep this thread up !:bravo:
Top 10+ ok aswell? :)
Just rattling this list up like an addict, which I am :LMAO:

John O'Callaghan ft. Josie - Out of Nowhere (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
Will Holland ft. Line Froyset - Things That Happen (Temple One Remix)
TyDi & Dennis Sheperd ft. Marcie - Somehow (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts ft. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)
Philippe El Sisi ft. Aminda - You Never Know (Aly & Fila Remix)
FKN ft. Josie - Alone (Aurosonic Remix)
Alex Sayz ft. Antonia Lucas - Fascination (Alaa Remix)
Marcus Schössow & Andy Duguid ft. Emma Hewitt - Light (Original Mix)
Solarstone & Alucard - Later Summer Fields (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H ft. Ana Criado - Sunset Boulevard (Original Mix)
Vast Vision ft. Fisher - Everything (Aly & Fila Remix)
Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab - Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)
Filo & Peri with Eric Lumiere - Sould and the Sun (Filo & Peri Big Room Revival or Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Beggin' You (Armin van Buuren Remix)
Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Club Mix or Daniel Kandi Remix)
Ben Gold ft. Senadee - Today (Original Mix)
Leon Bolier ft. Floria Ambra - This (Original Mix)
Jonas Steur ft. Julie Thompson - Cold Winds (Original Mix)

Be sure to get them all:choon:
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Hey, check out -

Bobina ft. Tiff Lacey - Where did you go? (First State Remix)
Dash Berlin & Cerf Metiska feat. Jaren - Man on the run
Ferry Corsten - Into the Dark (Ferry Fix)

Actually if you like hypnotizing female vocals, anything with Tiff Lacey is beautiful!!!
Thank you everybody for suggestions, will be checking all of them out!
Check out these tracks:

Oceanlab - Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs Albert Vocal Mix)
Sunlounger & Zara - Lost (Club Mix)
Dobenbeck - Please Don't Go (Shawn Mitiska Remix)
Above & Beyond pres Oceanlab - Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond club mix)
Dash Berlin - Waiting (Sean Tyas remix)
Armin van Buuren - Going Wrong (DJ Shah's Magic Island mix)
DJ Shah feat Adrina Thorpe - Back to you (Aly and Fila remix)
Glenn Morrison - Symptoms of a Stranger (Jorn van Deynhoven remix)
Passive Progressive ft Rachelle Warner - Hide Away (7 Skies & Static Blue Vocal Mix)
Motionchild & Will Holland ft Tiff Lacey - Arctic Kiss (Arctic Moon Remix)

And all the one's mentioned above :)
I'll put here one single track, which is my favourite:
- DNS Project feat. Johanna- Mindful (DNS Project Whiteglow Vocal Mix):music::dance:
Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Club Mix)
Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Daniel Kandi Remix)

and top1 vocal track ever for me

Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)