Need this song name please


Apr 11, 2011
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I have been listening to AH.FM for such a long time and every time this song comes on I am in bed (I sleep with AH on and I cannot really get up fast enough due to some situations) and always miss the title.

Now, The track has vocals in in by a female vocalist. I am not sure how the chorus goes bu I am sure that it has one part that goes "whoa". Now, I am making up the chorus or trying to remember the actual words..

"In this universe (Whoa!)" -That is the chorus part. And again, the "whoa" part is just me trying to remember the actual words but the whoa part is real and is in that part of the song, the chorus.

Thank you in advance if anyone can help me.

Also, the singer sounds kinda tired. If that helps.
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