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Neon Tiger 2 hour mix - full of attitude RAWR!!!


Aug 27, 2008
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Its that time again :) I love AH.FM and support it with my whole heart! But hope that doesn't prevent you from hearing some great mixes and great tracks.

Wednesday November 3, 2010 I will be your DJ for the 40th episode of "Sounds of Sunrise" on SENSE.FM for a 2 hour show!!! Hope you are ready!

I will be supporting a new remix of Florence and the Machines, and fresh tracks from Afrojack, Klauss Goulart, Armin van Buuren feat. BT and Marc Simz to name a few.

If you miss out, there will be a download link after the show airs to listen at home on the LOUDEST speakers you have - so you can dance your heart out at home or in the car!

Cheers Ears!
Neon Tiger

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