New Function to the forum :)

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May 1, 2006
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Chat has been added to the forums, now we can discuss the music while its playing :)

The chat button is located just under the Paypal icon on main forum.

enjoy :D
sweet... Does it count on our post count :lmao:
and i have error when i want to enter to the chat 'startup error: java.lang.Exception: Mandatory 'name' parameter not provided'
btw for all IRC users..

channe: #afterhours
good chat.. reminds me of those good old tranceairwaves days...

keep it up dan
You should replace the chat button with the pay pal button {onclick} lol...I like the chat feature.

I'm trying to get more people to come. The thing is, people only come when there is a radio show on air. We need more people to come even when there isn't a show - come on guys, start joining, Dan and me didn't put it up for nothing.

Dan, btw, I'm 100% sure that people will start to join during Andy Moor's show this sunday! Keep that in mind everyone! Dan is doing an awesome job on getting the big guys to come on the radio, :).

Cheers Dan and everybody! :)
chat button is under the pay pal button or something ;p on the right side of the website
djsentinel said:
I really do hope so... we need a good base of listeners ;-D

Takes time to build though. I'm more than sure that will happen, but all of us need to help with the promotions of the station. We all come from different backgrounds, and have other talents then just DJ'ing or producing. Try to find a way to use those other talents to help promote your show and help other Dj's with their shows. ;)

We're a team here at afterhours ;) When's your show?