New Releases-Soulgasm Music feat. Ladybird Paris & Sylvia Simone



This month we've got an amazing double-header lined up! To close out 2010, we've got two slammin tracks available to warm you up in these cold winter months:
"The Wizard Brian Coxx feat. Ladybird - 'What Have You Done For House?' out now!!
Are you ready for a true soulgasm… an orgasm for your mind, body and soul? It all starts now with Soulgasm Music’s latest release "What Have You Done For House?", a true and sincere calling out to all of those who are living this music and making their contribution to keep the sound authentic. "The Wizard" Brian Coxx’s bangin' beats combined with Ladybird's seductive voice will hopefully help you answer this simple question: What have you done for House? If for any reason you’re still not sure, then Alias Rhythm's remix should make it fully clear... like this!
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HellenBach feat. Sylvia Simone - 'Chills'
This time we take it back to New Jersey with HellenBach and their hypnotic anthem 'Chills'. Soulgasm Music welcomes singer Sylvia Simone with open arms, as she lets her voice take you on a smooth and sexy journey into the depths of what love is and the magic that it can be. If this future-star doesn’t make you feel the fire, then check your pulse! "The Wizard" Brian Coxx also returns to take it to another level with two monster remixes sure to heat up the clubs this winter!
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