New way to study foreign languages


Jun 12, 2008
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Hey all, so I have been studying code & I have also been studying a foreign language via a really cool site called Duolingo. However, I feel that it seems very basic and not like a class room.

My question is, if I were to create a website where you can study a foreign language at your own pace but in the manner of being like in a class room, would you consider visiting it? What I mean by a class room is that the format of how the material is taught is setup as if a person was in front of you teaching you how to understand the basics of each word of that specific language (pronunciation, tone, etc). Here in North America, the popular languages are US English, French (Canada), and Spanish.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I will gladly receive any feedback you can think of!
Thank you in advance
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