Nikolay Kempinskiy Feat. Love Dimension - An Ordinary Girl (incl. Aimoon & Damian Wasse Mixes) [TAR]

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-14-01
Release Date: 06.01.2014

Trance All-Stars Records proudly presents our first release in 2014. Kazakhstan is not an usual country for trance producers. One of the producers from this area is Mykola Lebed, better known as 'Nikolay Kempinskiy'. He team up with a singer-songwriter Natalie Taylor under her project 'Love Dimension'. 'An Ordinary Girl' is a distinctive pre-taste of whats coming. A warm, melodic mix of prog and trance, that carries the calming vocals from 'Love Dimension'. You can expect an energetic tune that will find its place, on the dance floor and in your heart.

On remix duties we have for you 'Aimoon' who kept closer to the original mix, whilst giving it more of trancey spin. Euphoric pads, uplifting bass progressions and sublime breakdown all add to the atmosphere. Aimoon's mixes are available in Vocal, Dub and Radio Edit.

For a second remix Nikolay invites Russian rising star 'Damian Wasse' to deliver another killer mix and he definitely does! Available in Vocal Mix and Radio Edit.

We hope you will enjoy this huge release!

01. An Ordinary Girl (Vocal Mix)
02. An Ordinary Girl (Dub Mix)
03. An Ordinary Girl (Radio Edit)
04. An Ordinary Girl (Aimoon Vocal Mix)
05. An Ordinary Girl (Aimoon Dub Mix)
06. An Ordinary Girl (Aimoon Radio Edit)
07. An Ordinary Girl (Damian Wasse Vocal Mix)
08. An Ordinary Girl (Damian Wasse Radio Edit)

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