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Sep 1, 2008
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I've already introduced myself on the official to the topic.

I'm just a normal guy with alot of ideas a bit of time on his hands.

I've been playing around with the full version of FruityLoops for a long while now.I even got some VSTs..thinking maybe they'd help out.

Now what the problem is..or rather the question, is how long did it take you producers to master a program like FruityLoops or Reason. I've been playing around with FL for around 2 years..and I can't seem to be able to create anything really decent.

Decent:A song that actually plays smoothly and flows together.

Do you think I just need to practice more? Or am I doomed in my own seemingly nonexistent creativity?
My advice is to get someone to teach you. In real life.
I've thought of that..but you really think there are music production courses? (Out of school of course)
im currently taking electronic music production course in SAE it helped me out a lot my advice is to take it if u have any SAE near by
Not open for further replies.