Numark DM2002X? Worth $50CDN

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Feb 24, 2007
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A local is selling a very used DM2002X, for $50, is it even worth the $50 just to play around?
i would think thats a reasonable price as long as it still works properly
Thx Robbie, the guy told me I can have it for $40CDN, but its got some noise on one of the EQ sliders, I think I can fix that with some Electronic cleaner, and will see what i can do.
Thanks for the help.
I missed out, The guy sold it before I got back to him today. Oh Well.
It wasn't meant to be.
There's lots of basic stuff for me to choose from.

I'm currently hot for a pair of cdj-100s. I hope I don't get sniped.
it seams I can get a new UB1204 Pro for $135, and a guy want to sell me his used one for $150. I think I should negotiate a little.

I'm going to offer $75CDN, am I waisting my money on that unit? remember, Newb, basic will do for now, need practice. lots of it.
it seams I can get a new UB1204 Pro for $135, and a guy want to sell me his used one for $150. I think I should negotiate a little.

I'm going to offer $75CDN, am I waisting my money on that unit? remember, Newb, basic will do for now, need practice. lots of it.

ya i htink you can find one that would be better for you, but again its entirely up to u. You wont use that mixer to its full potential anyways as it has 8 inputs and since you only have 2 decks you'll obviously only be needing 2 of them.
I Hear ya Robbie, Its definately overkill,
I have a PC with a touch screen and a midi controller, going to use that with FL Studio for 1 input(stereo) and 1 output goes back to pc for recording.
Will also be borrowing father-in-laws really nice keyboard, that will be input #4, the rest will be used as spares if the sliders have any noise.

I haven't figured out the flow diagram yet, but I think this unit should do all this without issues.
There's another guy who emailed me back about a 2 channel (have no idea what make or model), for $30, need to call him and go see it. that may be a better choice. I'll sell anything extra after I play with them a little.

The first has been settled at $90 plus another $40 for an Alto Averb, not sure what I'll do with that yet, but my co-worker is a singer in his band and he is interested in it.

I fear I may have lost that good deal on the CDJ-100S's, I was looking forward to those, now I may have to settle for something less sexy.
I saw some retailer in NewJerseyselling them new for $269USD each, plus $60 to ship them to me, I may cave and buy those, unless I find myself something else. I know these can be resold if/when I want something new/difference.

A friend of mine in the A/V industry said to buy this: NUMARK CDMIX-2 DJ Dual CD Player for $399, and I'm done. Not a bad option.
i would go for half decent equipment, nothing special or overly expensive, but also no too cheap stuff. dual cd players may look like a good deal, but the handling is usually really bad and you won't have much fun with them. i'd still recommend two cdj-100s, try looking for a good deal of a pair of them, maybe used? plus a medium to low priced mixer, 2 channels is enough for the start, should have at least a 3 band eq. don't go for behringer.
OK, since I originally posted, I was able to get 2 CDJ-100s, and very recently picked up a used VMX-1000, sorry its Behringer.
Since is was using a basic mixing board instead of a battle mixer, I was lacking the crossfader and Beat counter.
Well since I got the VMX-1000, things have been must better. FYI, got the mixer for $150, so thats not bad concidering it works really well for what I need:
2 CD players, plus 2 Virtual decks on the computer(with interactive Touch screen, YUM), and theres one spare stereo channel left on the mixer, plus 2 mono/mic inputs.

I know the Behringer is cheap, but...:rolleyes: ...Well, its cheap.:P

SO far so good.

Thanks for the feedback DFX.
well, if the mixer works for you, no problem with that :) it's just that behringer has a pretty bad reputation regarding quality, esp. when it comes to mixers (bad sound quality, leakage between channels, stuff like that). i got my 3 channel reloop mixer new for 180 €, and i'm happy with it.

and btw, unless you're a dnb or hiphop dj, you should consider not using the x-fader at all anyway ;D
beatcounter is nice to have, but isn't really useful for mixing itself. i don't have one on my mixer either, but i was mixing on equipment with beatcounters in the past, and i found those things to be more disturbing than useful (they do give a rough estimate on bpm, but do not ever pay attention to them when trying to beatmatch).
Thx DFX, these are all great hints for me.
I have only been playing with the new mixer for a few hours, and its a little easier.
The sound quality right now isn't important. So I should be ok to play.

I did notice the beat counters to be only close, not accurate, they do help, but found that you are correct, they alone cannot help much.

You say not to use the fader?
lol, that's the main reason I bought this one, because I thought that was why I was having such a hard time, mixing tracks, different volumes, not easy to do smooth transitions, etc.
I was using a UB1204 pro before. Yes, another Behringer. (they are cheap, paid $90)

I'm still just trying to do some basic beatmatching, but with very little success:mad:

Using software was easy, but using my CDJ's, the pitch control, and the jog wheel, I still can't keep the beats lined up for more that 10 seconds, then it starts to shift. :p

I can, however mix the same song together, with good success, but thats pretty pitifull:lolz:

I know there's some info on techniques on doing this, which I hope to find, and will see where it takes me.
Any ideas or techniques you think I shoul;d try to get a better feel for it, please share.
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