Numark DXM01USB Help Please !!!

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Sep 3, 2008
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Hi there guys and gals,

A friend of mine just gave me some decks and a numark dxm01usb mixer.

What i am tring to do is play the output from the mixer through my pc and out of the pc speakers as i dont have a seperate amp and speakers yet and have it set up next to my pc.

I do want to record my mixes eventually and would like to know if anyone can help how to help me achieve this.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi mate, I don't know the mixer off-hand, but in general they have two outputs, one for master volume and one for booth volume. I have master going to my PC which I never alter (so it always records at the same level) and then locally in my room I just use booth, which goes to the amp, speakers etc.

What you need to do is simply put your output to your PC. You'll need the lead that starts as a red/white audio cable at the mixer, going into a headphone jack fitting at your soundcard end.

The thing to watch for without an amp is that if you turn it up on the mixer so you can hear it louder in your room, you will, in the process, turn up your record volume, which will spoil the recording.

So always keep master on the mixer the same and if you want it louder for you, adjust the speakers, not the mixer :wink:
Hey thanks for that Laz, I was contemplating tapping you up for an answer anyways.

Went and got a cable today and it sworking like a treat.

Just out of curiousity, What software do you use for recording.

Thanks again bro

I've always used Magix Audio Cleaning Lab mate, never had a problem with it in the past 6-7 years or more :smile:

There are plenty of others which seem to work fine for people too but I like sticking to what I know :grinning2:
Coolio, Thanks again. :friends:

Ps. Good set Saturday night, just right for getting ready to go out :)
DXM01USB is a two-channel, digital scratch mixer with USB computer connectivity for mixing audio from nearly any source. Two USB ports enable DJs to play audio files from a Mac or PC and mix them along with records, CDs, and microphone. You can also record your mixes to your computer.
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