ok so the unthinkable has happened...

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Feb 5, 2008
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I was sat there in college today minding my own business when i thought to myself "Hey I know I need some trance"

put the url in and to my amazement it said the ENTIRE DOMAIN was blocked. Suffice to say I was a little confused about how to get my fix.

Is there anything that can be done?
As the site is blocked any data transmitted does not get through.
Find out who the SysAdmin is and kidnap his dog - ransom it for the release of AH.FM/Shoutcast....

otherwise...ummm..i think you may be scuppered. A proxy makes no difference in this case because you only use the URL to connect to the stream - the stream then connects direct with the media player, which you cant fake (Cos that doesnt pass through the proxy - it goes straight from the domain to your machine)...

of course, i back all that spraff up with....I Think...

you need AHFM passed through a different site.
Im going to try accessing it via the IP tomorrow. Il let you know how it goes.

*Thanks to t4e for the possible solution

ah see that is domain based - and the domain is blocked.
*how* do they block the domain? on their dns server? http proxy?
IPs are blocked aswell.They have a proxy server - some kind of internet security suite.
hm thats bad luck then... what if you directly tune into the firewall friendly stream? ie via SHOUTcast Administrator
Looks like im screwed - even the stream comes from the domain so no streaming for me :(
actually the firewall friendly stream is from a completely different ip range than the main site. must be some very strict firewall policy they have there.
streaming doesnt work even with the firewall friendly stream. :(
ok so install tor and use freecaps with vlc then put the music. thats not a very documented approach but it will work. I'll give it a shot to see if its easy.
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