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Aug 3, 2007
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Not like its hard these days but I'm confused. When I go to download a torrent from the wonderful AH.fm it for some odd reason won't download anymore. In fact the torrent itself won't even connect to the tracker. In the log it says that my port has been blacklisted. Would anyone know why this is, and or how to fix said problem? I don't leech, I leave the torrents there for weeks before I clear them out and move them off my computer to an external hardrive so I am rather confused. Thanks in advance for any help. :)
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Unfortunately I am not that good handling torrents,and can't give a proper advice,but for sure Kowy,Dfx and many more peoples will help you
ciao ciao ;)
Cool thanks for moving it, wasn't sure if I had put it in the right section.
What program are you using and were the torrents downloading before this happened? Was it working before?
What program are you using and were the torrents downloading before this happened? Was it working before?

I'm using a bittorrent client, and I have downloaded several before, but as of just a few days ago I couldn't download any from AH.fm, I am still downloading everything else normally.
I have a small problem too with torrents, nothing really important but it's annoying...

I often download torrent files normally and without any problems but sometimes, the torrent can't download "It says connecting to peer", I wait, i wait, but after hours, it's again "connecting to peer"...

So, I find a solution : I must remove torrent file and files (0 Ko) into directory and I must download again the torrent and then it's OK.. Strange thing.

I'm using ABC Torrent.
No Qwest DSL, and I have tried deleting the torrent and redownling but it still gives me port is blacklisted
Your ISP might have blacklisted the default bit torrent port of 6881, if you go into your options you can change that port, change it to something higher like 37834. Note: you might need to open this port on your firewall/router, but if your isp is blocking that traffic this will fix it.,
Yeah thats exactly what it did, okay I will try changing the port. Thanks

Edit: HOT DAMN it worked, thanks a lot Fizz :super: its downloading again. WOOT!
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Glad I could help :)

Its also better to use a NON-Standard port for bit torrent anyway, gets around alot of the throttling/banning the ISP's try to put in place.
ISP's can get smart though and figure out what ports you are using if you download or upload way to much. They have logs of every single thing that you download.

Glad to hear that problem was solved. I personally use azureus and its the best proggy imo.
No truck? I have never had any problems with azureus. It's by far the best and most tweakable program I have used. I just wish I could getter higher dl/upl speeds for a lower price.
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