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Jun 12, 2007
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Hey people, wassap?
I came across a trance video from Paul Van Dyk, I heard this track and cant stop thinking of it, its amazing!!!
It was at the Love Parade 1998, I guess, but dont know the name. Anyone, please, give a look at the video and help me out. The track is just great, really.

ciao emma the song should be a remix of energy 52 - cafe del mar , but i'm not sure:)
cheers from italy:hello:
Hi, well, I can definitely narrow it down.

This is the vocal version of the tune. However, this was an illegal bootleg at the time, between Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough, and the tune in the video that PvD is playing.

Now it may be that the tune is just the dub version of the Soulsearcher one, as it's been a few years and my memory isn't what it was then!

However, I can remember that someone did do a bootleg of Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock with Can't Get Enough. Not the original grungey version of Stop The Rock that is, but one of the remixes.

Now it might be that remix, or it might just be an Apollo 440 remix of another tune that I can't remember, I'm not positive.

It's definitely not Cafe Del Mar though!
:hello: Hi Emmanuel!

Well if this was 1999 (and that's what the video says) the tracks PVD played are these:

Loveparade (10-07-1999)

01. Paul van Dyk - Another Way (Club Mix)
02. Blank & Jones - Cream (Paul van Dyk Remix)
03. Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock (Gigolo Instrumental)
04. Paul van Dyk - Columbia (Original Mix)
05. Final One - I Need Your Lovin'

Must be the Gigolo instrumental then :wink:

Great :choon:

:dancing: *brings back memories* :dancing:

Greetings ~Ellen~
I found that tracklist too, I downloaded Apollo 440 - Stop the rock, original and another one but since they sounded sooooooo different, I stopped the quest.

Anyone has it? Its old and I cant find it anywhere...

I would be in debt with that person.. :)
Confirmed, the song is called "Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock (Gigolo Instrumental Remix)".

I found one dude at Emule who has it, still waiting for him to connect.
My endless thanks and appreciation to Ellen, Lazarus and all those whoe entered the site, who have made another trancer to be much happier than before :)

All the best from Argentina.