Open Up Live Broadcast from Toronto on AH.FM 18-12-2015

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Insigma - Open Your Eyes <3
One of my all time favorite :wub:
Alex M.O.R.P.H's remix is my favourite creation from him :) Heard it live from Alex a year ago, was fantastic, had shivers all over my skin ^^
And I think there is a difference between a beatmatch that is slightly off and a complete trainwreck :ee:

lot of dj's now a days prefer to make sudden transitions to avoid the off beat :ee:
They are, but if you're not a music producer or a DJ yourself, you won't probably give a f*** about the transitions.
Ask a person on dancefloor what does he think about the DJ transitions and you'll get a 99.99% answer that he don't care as long as the tracks themselves are good :) I've been at parties where DJ literally been playing a playlist, without transitions and people still loved it.
See my other post. I know, & I was talking about the club. Yes most people don't care or notice unfortunately. I have tried not to notice but still do. I am not a dj/producer.
John Askewww
John O' Callaghan & John Askew vs. Nadia Ali - Stresstest Rapture (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
edit: Commander Tom vs Iio - Are Am Iio (John Askew Remix) (Mark Sherry Mashup)
Commander Tom vs. iiO - Are Am iiO (John Askew Remix) (Mark Sherry ASOT 600 Mashup) :choon:
Smack, Stresstest and Are Am Eye are the most powerfull Askew remixes imo!