Option Zer0 - AH Residency Submission

Option Zer0

Dec 9, 2006
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My name is Gabriel, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Romania. I mix full on, uplifting, dark, proggy psy and psychedelic music (not necessarily psy trance). Been mixing for 5 years and producing music since the beginning of 2000.

Option Zer0 - Revelations of the Story Teller
melodic, psychedelic, uplifting, trip, enjoy :)

56:31 / 192 kbps / 44100 kHz

01. magnetik - overture to infinity
02. sesto sento - primi tb (aquatica rmx)
03. astral theorem - enigmatic
04. vibe tribe - memories
05. brain damage - flux
06. syzmix - silicon tears
07. protoculture - terra tronics
08. zekazy - worker or whacko
09. system nipel vs visual contact - bizzare nipel
10. dynamic vs sigma - 2picks
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Tracklist looks great - could do with a change of genre
this could be well worth a d/l.

best of luck.
t/l looks really great
Brain Damage-Flux....a french thing dub dub dub,cool!...ok I will have a listen to this mix;)
I spent 1 year and a half to find this music.. hundreads of GB of music, same crap :|
But these trips pfffffffff make a bigger trip :)
this time of year, were all busy, once I have more time after new years ill have a look ok mate.

thanks and happy new year
I'll check this one out too.
Its not too bad. Its sort of Goa trance. I agree by some GOA @ ah.fm But there are way better GOA tracks than those..
that s not goa, it s uplifting full on and those tracks are da shit ;) ... as u all, probably, know most of full on sounds the same and tends to be commercial, which is not ok.
but thanks ! critics, good or bad, are constructive.
happy new year everybody :super: