Ørjan Nilsen – In My Opinion (Album) [Armada]


Nov 8, 2008
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To infinity and back. The endless options of EDM have ever been the object of Ørjan Nilsen’s affection. Thrilled by diversity, he has spend months of time in the studio, trying to find the perfect blend of house, trance, progressive and everything else that tingles his open mind. The result, an amalgam of years of creativity, is Ørjan’s promising debut album, ‘In My Opinion’.

Indulged with music from an early age, he mastered the drums and keyboard at only 9 years old. At the age of 16, as he experienced his first crush on trance music and completely fell in love with rhythmic patterns and melodies, he got his first synthesizer. The Norwegian music lover, reigning from the cold, upper part of the country, soon learned about the magic of working on a pc and started experimenting with that extraordinary grey box. After some unofficial remixes and solo tracks, it was the release of ‘Red Woods’ in 2005 that turned out to be Ørjan’s breakthrough. Ever since, no dancefloor is safe to the sounds of the characteristic Norwegian. Summer-hit ‘La Guitarra’, hammered by the trance elite for months in a row, the rough ‘Moving Mojave’ and sensitive ‘Lovers Lane’, keeping up with the ever-throbbing heart of the club society, contagious ‘So Long Radio’, ‘Mjuzik’ and the strong and outstanding ‘Go Fast!’. All original and different, yet distinctively riding the Nilsen sound.

After months of hard work in the studio, Ørjan Nilsen proudly presents ‘In My Opinion’. Days of experimenting, blending and shaping now come together in an album that is, sounds and represents Ørjan. Ørjan:”I can’t describe it other than being me. The sound you’re hearing is me, and how I feel and think. It seems like I have so many things that need to get to the surface, and I’m showing that through my music.”

15 jewels of tracks tell the colorful story of musical talent, touching you on the inside with a palette of melody, beats, synths and a whole lot of feeling to glue it together. Whether you’re in the mood to party or simply feel like absorbing the album with the volume up at home, ‘In My Opinion’ will fit all sceneries. Free of parochialism and one-style-fits-all, but crossing boundaries and hitting the right spot at the right time, is what ‘In My Opinion’ is all about. Ørjan:”I just didn’t follow any kind of recipe. I’ve merged so many styles together, made so many new things and I hope it reflects both the past and future, as well as the present."

1 The Thunder (feat. Kate Louise Smith)
2 Dominatrix
3 Mjuzik
4 Redemption (feat. Arielle Maren)
5 So Long Radio
6 Le Tour de Trance
7 Anywhere But Here (feat. Neev Kennedy)
8 La Guitarra
9 In My Opinion
10 Between The Rays
11 The Mule
12 Go Fast!
13 Down The Line
14 While I Wait
15 Nocturnal

‘In My Opinion’ will be available on iTunes May 27th and on CD June 3rd. Pre-order start May 20th!