[OUT NOW] Rafael Osmo - Forced EP [Pharmacy Music]


Apr 9, 2016
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Rafael Osmo is one of the most prolific artists in dance music today. With chart topping releases across multiple genres at the same time, he is a musical genius in the studio. Pharmacy Plus is Rafael's home for his banging underground trance and that's just how we like it.

Forced is powered by a galloping bassline influenced by the Israeli psy trance sound of his homeland. Rafael builds on that driving force with wicked melodies from years of experience crafting powerful trance and progressive tracks. He keeps the breakdowns short yet effective to keep the energy going from start to finish.

Rafael goes harder and darker on Zinook, the second track of this amazing release. An unforgiving kick drum and fierce percussion give this tech trance beast power for the most punishing dance floor. The fury of the biting acid and crashing melodies are balanced, like yin and yang, with the beauty hidden in the breakdown.