OUT NOW! VA - The Ultimate Progressive Collection Vol. 8 (2018) [Trance All-Stars Records]

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TARC-18-02
Release Date: 08.01.2018

This year has been our greatest yet and we are thrilled to present The Ultimate Progressive Collection Vol. 8. It is a compilation that will have you floating on clouds and mesmerised by the brilliance of such phenomenal artists. With a 12-track selection from the likes of Attila Syah, DARVO, Adip Kiyoi, Nianaro, Blueberg, Arggic, Matthew Duncan, Ahmed Helmy and many more we present 2017's most wanted progressive releases on our label. Prepare to be taken to a destination filled with energy, wonder and incredible power. With nothing but driving and energetic tunes that have elevated us over the past year - it's here to take you on a higher journey and bring the New Year in with a bang. We can't wait to share with you what we have cooking in 2018 and we wish you nothing but the best heading into what will be our favourite year yet.

01. Blueberg - Ancient Spaceships (Original Mix)
02. Arggic - Hover (Original Mix)
03. Attila Syah & Kareem Fad - Wonderland (Original Mix)
04. Matthew Duncan - Leaving (Original Mix)
05. Nianaro - One of Us (Original Mix)
06. Rheligie feat. Aylin Aloski - Haunt To Save (Original Mix)
07. Adip Kiyoi - Territory (Original Mix)
08. Ahmed Helmy - Final Step (Original Mix)
09. DARVO feat. Angel Falls - Cross The Line (Original Mix)
10. Attila Syah - Interstellar (Original Mix)
11. Nianaro - Exodus (Original Mix)
12. Phil Dinner - Wonderful Human Beings (Original Mix)

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