OUT! [TAR#138] Stayer X - Alpha Strike

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138075
Release Date: 02.09.2019

If you are in it for the harder and more pounding, you have come to the right track and label. Stayer X and this track 'Alpha Strike' hits you like a hammer with acid leads and a deep bassline. Once you press play, there is no going back, and we stay there with only a short breather in the tiny break. The main melody delivered after that break is nothing short of genius producing, unexpected and unique. It is hard in todays music to find originality with melodies, but he has for sure succeeded on this one. This track will not leave you sitting still watching others dance, you be in the middle in a total euphoric moment! Welcome to TAR#138 Stayer X and 'Alpha Strike'. Don't stand to close to the speaker, your clothes might blow off.

01. Alpha Strike (Original Mix)

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