OUT! [Trance All-Stars Records] Hiromori Aso - Reality

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-19-11
Release Date: 17.06.2019

There is a lot of talking about how trance is changing, for good and bad, of course from different subjective opinions. Here is an example of an innovative tune from Hiromori Aso, where we are brought into a new trance experience and this producer experimenting with substantial sounds, which makes the whole package absolutely make total sense. The song is called 'Reality' and facing this reality of having a glimpse into the future of trance is thrilling and feels exclusive. Eastern trance world is a step before the west in exploring trance into newly added ideas and we feel this is inserted with Hiromoris sounds. Thanks for joining us and we are grateful to take Hiromori and 'Reality' under our wings.

01. Reality (Original Mix)

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