OUT! [Trance All-Stars Records] Jean Luc - Apokalipto

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-19-17
Release Date: 09.09.2019

Once again, we welcome Jean Luc to our family, but this time for the main imprint. This time we get to take part of his track 'Apokalipto'. This producer has some natural born skills we become aware of in this track if you haven't heard his earlier work. Words like spectacular and perfect won't even begin to describe this track, because not even those words justify the extremely professional production he delivers here. Here is Jean Lucs own words about the tune: 'The theme of the track is how badly us humans treat the planet earth, nature and animals, and how we destroy ourselves with our behavior. Therefore, melancholic and moody melodies and hence the name Apokalipto'. The synonyms for unique can be many. We choose to use that word because there is simply nothing like this heard before. It stands on its own and if you feel unsatisfied after a track like this, perhaps you need to listen again. Brilliance on a top-notch level delivered from Czech and Jean Luc. We are so happy to present Jean Luc and 'Apokalipto' to Trance All-Stars Records.

01. Apokalipto (Original Mix)
02. Apokalipto (Radio Edit)

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