P.A.F.F - From King To Finch/Shabby [FLASH025]


Dec 28, 2006
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Here is a review of the new release by P.A.F.F. This release brings some heavy trance, with some techy influences. Read the whole review to find out more about these slamming tracks, because P.A.F.F really did an amazing job with this release.

P.A.F.F. - From King To Finch (Original Mix)

The tune starts of with a very raw sound and a cool bassdrum with some hats. Then at about thirty seconds, P.A.F.F. adds some shakers to the track and that gives it some more groove. Along the way, that nasty, raw sound keeps coming back. Then at about one minute, you find out that that is the bass and what a bass it is. This raw bass pounds through your speakers and you want to turn your speakers louder and louder. Some background sounds are added and then at about two minutes, this awesome synth sound comes in. Already at two minutes this track has this fantastic drive to it, amazing. You feel like you want to stand at an event surrounded by thousands of people to have the greatest time of your life with this awesome track. Everything rages on for about one minute and then after three minutes, an uplifter announces a break and there we are at the break. The synth fades away and new sounds are added to the track. Then another uplifter and then you're at such a great, relaxing place. A great melody, really calming and a relaxing bass. Then the melody get's another techy sound supporting it and then P.A.F.F. brings in a breakbeat. Then at around five minutes, everything is put together. The raw, nasty bass with the amazing melody and all the hats and snares and percussion. This track is on a roll, what an amazing drive to it. This goes on for about one minute, when we can hear another uplifter and then the melody is gone and another synth is added. It all sounds fantastic together. Then about one minute later, we're heading towards the outro. The bass is more present again and the synths are fading away. Slowly some sounds are fading away and then at about half a minute before the ending, the bass is changed and some more seconds later we're at the outro. You're at the end of the rollarcoaster, at the end of a fantastic night.

What an amazing track, I have no other words for it. It has such a fantastic drive to it, mainly because of this great, raw, nasty bass. Buy this one people, because this track really deserves to be bought!

P.A.F.F. - Shabby (Original Mix)

The next track is 'Shabby'. This one starts out with a cool bassdrum and an interesting background sound. Along the way, hats and percussion are added and a shaker at about forty-five seconds. Then at about one minute, there is this awesome moment. P.A.F.F. 'throws' away all the sounds and begins all over again by introducing this slamming bass. That would be great to hear live, the moment where that fantastic bass kicks in. Slowly the hats and stuff are coming back and about thirty seconds later you can hear this really wierd sound which introduces a new chapter in the track. A very interesting synth is added and slowly the track is racing on. Again P.A.F.F. creates this amazing groove to a track, a track you just want to hear at a big, big event. A couple of seconds later, an atmospheric sound gets on the ride too. Then about thirty seconds later, we're at a break. Again, P.A.F.F. creates a very relaxing atmosphere to this track. At about three minutes, you're stunned by the great sounds. The melody is at the background and slowly getting up and at the same time this beautiful string sound makes you want to close your eyes and dream away. A-ma-zing! Then the bassdrum is slowly coming up again and the melody is back again. A drumroll and the bass is back again, but the melody is gone. An anti-climax? Because this sounds the same as in the beginning, where he sort of starts over again. Not at all, because this is just another great moment, where he kicks in the fanatastic bass. Then at four minutes, a hat and the beginning synth sound are back again. Then a couple of seconds later the groove is back again and you're going down the rollarcoaster with no speed-limit. After about twenty seconds later the beautiful string is back again. The melody comes back again and everything is complete now. It all sounds so amazing together. The melody is great, the bass is pounding and the beautiful, beautiful string sound creates this amazing atmosphere to the track. Then at about six minute fifteen, the melody and string sounds are away and you're on your way to the outro. The bass goes on and he introduces a new sound, to support the outro. About one minute away from the outro and we're slowing down a bit from this crazy ride. This goes on for one minute and then your heart is beating at a normal rate again.

Another amazing track by P.A.F.F. This track has a lot of variation and every moment is great in this track. The beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (yes, I had to say that three times in a row) strings create a fantastic atmosphere to the track and the tech-influences have worked out so well. Another track you just have to have in your collection!

P.A.F.F. - From King To Finch (2nd Mix)

This version starts out with a cool bassdrum and some interesting techy sounds on the background. A shakers is added along the way and at about thirty seconds the track is getting more flow when more and more hats and stuff are added. Then at about one minute, a very warm, deep bass. Definitely less techy and raw as the other tracks, but nonetheless very cool. Then about twenty seconds later a really warm melody is introduced. Now I'm getting really curious how this track will turn out. The bass get's a bit more depth and at about two minutes thirty we're at a break. The bass goes from one speaker to the other, something I haven't heard before anywhere, and then this awesome melody is introduced which is of course just like the one in the original mix of 'From King To Finch' but adjusted. Again, a cool breakbeat supporting the melody. At about three minute thirty the melody goes away and then a couple of seconds later everything kicks in again. The melody is back again, the bassdrum and everything is on a roll. This goes on for about one minute and then the main lead goes away and we hear a different melody. It sounds very interesting and fits the track well. Then, an uplifter and we're on our way to the end of the track. The leads are gone and now the bass is pounding on it's own. Then the bass is adjusted and we're slowly approaching the end of the track. At about six minutes, more sounds are faded away and then about thirty seconds later the track stops.

Personally, I like the Original Mix better. It has a better drive to it and everything fits better together. This track has the same cool melody, but adjusted. Nevertheless, it's a very cool track.