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"Party Trance"


Apr 17, 2008
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Hey all you crazy trance addicts !

Im throwing a party for some friends of mine, and I would really like to put on some good trance music that is suitable for for a party or a club or something like that..
I'm not looking for something too tranquil, but rather something energetic or something with a nice beat, so what suggestions do you have ?
Tracks, mixes you name it, I'll be happy for all the help I can get :)
daniel kandi, paul miller, nitrous oxide, manuel le saux.
astral projection, john 00 fleming, nicholas bennison, christopher lawrence, sean tyas, marcus schossow FTW :grinning:
Thx for the names, but I thought of something more like
Bamba Boys - Where Do I Go thats in excitation 020, Michael Dow - Roll The Drums (Original Mix) [Digital Remedy Recordings], or Markus Schulz - The New World.. something like that :)
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