Paul Miller pres. Contraption - Eve Gaze


Oct 30, 2006
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Great new tune by Paul Miller. This track has a great build-up followed by a gorgeous breakdown. After that it continues with massive bassline. Trance as it was meant to be.
@Sean Tyas: this is how it supposed to be done :mask:

Final verdict: 9/10 :super:

Btw, don't forget Renovatio which he produced under the same alias. That one is great as well, but it can't tip the quality of Eve Gaze.
Both tunes on this release rocks! Eve Gaze and Renovatio!
I fell in love with Eve Gaze right from the first seconds of the first hearing! :choonalert: another top quality track by Paul Miller, perfect for a very energetic set :super:
Renovatio is also very nice but a bit less energetic :)
This track as you say is very energetic and awesome. Really is one of my favourite's at the moment. Very good build-up I think and Miller carries the momentum all the way through the track.