Paul van Dyk & Starkillers feat Ashley Tomberlin - New York City

I'm not a big fan of the productions from Paul van dyk. I don't really like this tune.
yeap reallly a powerfull track! this track i like it most from In Beetwen album :p
Is nice indeed...Nice vocals...but nothing too special imo
I think its a massive song, I love it, while not a contender for the top 5, its a great song

The only thing missing is the the trancy dreamy feeling
I'm not a fan of Paul Van Dyk, but this track is very good. Van Dyk and Starkillers it's a nuclear blend!
New York sity liiiiiiiiiiiights! :) :super:
I just :love: :love: :love: this track...Paulie did it again, superb vocals and a special feeling define it :choon:

Definitely recommended :music:
heyy!!! how i can listen the song of paul?????
help meee
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one of the most soothing tracks to listen to while enjoying an evening drink ..
Great track this and crush from the Reflections album are my 2 favs