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Paulo Der Munoz & Michael Splint Dj Guest - Flavor 002


May 25, 2006
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Paulo Der Munoz - Hour 1

01) ID - ID
02) El Cartel - Pereira (Piano Mix)
03) Romi - Technological World
04) Adam White - Ballerina (Original Mix)
05) Falkon & Fairlite - Moonfish (Original Mix)
06) Signum - Third Dimension (Original Mix)
07) Clokx - Feelings (Dub Mix)
08) Phantom Force - Slammer
09) Ron Van Den Beuken - Timeless (Sam Sharp Mix)

Michael Splint - Hour 2

Stalker: Magic Crayons (Peak Twins Remix)
Madonna: Frozen (Edin Bosnjak Remix)
Freek Geuze Pres. Gues: A Sonnet (Original Mix)
Pesh: Threshold
Cressida: Slightly Agravic (Sassot Remix)
Duderstadt: Mahananda (Airbase Remix)
Sebastian Brandt: Mysteria (Original Mix)
Beam Feat. Michelle Aragon: Silent Tears (Sean Tyas Remix)
Static Blue: Under The Sea (Ian Betts Mix)
Ronald Van Gelderen: This Way (Original Mix)
I liked this, it started off nicely, and finished off with Splints set.

Thanks Der