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[PD017] Aerotek - Star-Crossed E.P.


May 26, 2007
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Aerotek - Star-Crossed E.P.


Chilean producer Stefano Aerotek Giangrandi announces himself to the masses with a 3 track E.P. oozing with style and class. We're not sure where this guy has been hiding but since he's reared his head - there's no turning back!

The overall quality boasted in this release means it's near impossible to select a lead track but Azúcar Rubia certainly sets the standard with its lush summer groove and a divine melody. However, As She Walks Away From Me and Oraios are both exceptional in their own right with each track bringing something different to the table and displaying Stefano's versatility. Inspired by his life experiences, this is a true reflection of the producers vision through a dance music portal.

Release Date: June 6th, Audiojelly exclusive on March 23.

Exclusive promo video: Aerotek - Star-Crossed EP (Preview) [YOUTUBE]YouTube - Aerotek - Star-Crossed EP (Preview)[/YOUTUBE]
Awesome vibe!

Video is very nice too :mask:

Perceptive Deep is doing a good job :wink: