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Philip Overdrifter and Rubikon - Why Keep On (2010)


May 24, 2010
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With the release of the classic electro pop record 'Why Keep On' in 2008, we now bring to you: 3 new edits of it that features the 2010 standard.

First off, the original mix starts off with a blast, taking you on a progression that makes you forget about time before you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an intense break with a powerful message and it gets even more appealing when Tiff Lacey starts singing...

Then, Daniel Hairston takes you into a deeper and more subconscious part of the track in his remix and he shows you details you won't be able to see with the original. Still, he provides us with a strong and powerful break.

And the EP rounds up with a Sunleed Remix - it starts off with a techy feel and lifts you up till Tiff starts to sing, then the images starts to come... The break introduce you to a new point of direction regarding how you would look at the story - and continuing with a massive lead bass.


YouTube - Philip Overdrifter, Rubikon - Why Keep On (2010) (Original Mix)

YouTube - Philip Overdrifter, Rubikon - Why Keep On (2010) (Sunleed Mix)


YouTube - Philip Overdrifter, Rubikon - Why Keep On (2010) (Daniel Hairston Mix)